SL Casino - the fourth successful casino by Shangri La network

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SL Casino is an elegant casino in Riga, the continuation of the Shangri La gambling network, which has been run by Storm International for more than 25 years. The peculiarity of the brand's establishments is elegant design, VIP service, a huge range of games and a variety of leisure for guests.

casino in Riga

The opening of SL Casino took place in 2017, immediately after the opening of the magnificent complex of Grand Hotel Kempinski. The casino occupies the premises on two floors and has a convenient separate entrance with its own signboard on the ground floor. The location for the establishment is carefully thought out. This is the historic center of Riga, close to all kinds of attractions. And the building itself has a rich history.

In the 19th century, the Grand Hotel Kempinski was one of the most famous hotels in Riga and was called "Rome". The place was loved by artists, writers, musicians and European aristocrats. In the 20th century, the building turned into a hotel "Riga". It was one of the best hotels in Soviet Latvia. In the 21st century, the building was completely transformed, it was under reconstruction for several years.

Over the image of the hotel Kempinski worked Alex Kravets, the designer from London and his team that specialize in changing the image of large network hotels. The rooms are decorated in the art deco style. SL Casino halls are also decorated in this style, which makes the casino a harmonious continuation of the exclusive building. In the interiors, similarities can be seen with other Shangri La casinos operating in Minsk, Yerevan and Tbilisi.

Guests enter the world of restrained luxury, where everything is decorated with a delicate taste. Specifically for SL Casino (Latvia) furniture of mahogany was handmade, English carpets and Italian fabrics were ordered.

For the convenience of the guests, the halls, which occupy more than 600 square meters, are located on two floors. At the ground floor, there is a fairly large slot-hall with 50+ slot machines. Nearby, there is a small sports bar, the weighty advantage of which is an impressive map of drinks.

The first floor was created with thoughts of the comfort of players who prefer roulette and card games. In the common zone there are 10 tables. There is also a cozy lounge area. To play in a private environment and get the opportunity to make high stakes, it's enough to move to the VIP hall.

In this exclusive casino in Latvia everything is done for the maximum comfort of the guests: special lighting is selected, cozy interiors are designed, prizes and parties are organized. By the way, SL Casino staff speaks several languages: English, Russian, and Latvian.

Thematic events and lotteries are an excellent reason to visit this casino. Every player who has made at least one bet has an excellent chance of disrupting the extra jackpot. Separately, prizes are played for slot players and separately - for table players. You can count on a weekly prize, monthly or even quarterly. Play more — win more!
SL Casino, like all Shangri La casinos, is playing big prizes in the framework of original events. It is enough to follow the schedule of games on the official site of to become a participant in the lottery of a rare car or Harley Davidson bike.

For gamblers, Riga's new casino offers such a service as a gaming tour. In accordance with personal wishes, a junket is planned at SL Casino for any number of days. The price includes accommodation in Kempinski rooms, meals, drinks, transfer, tickets for the plane, participation in private parties, excursions around Riga and much more. The Shangri La network guarantees you a wonderful evening at the casino or even a whole holiday with your favorite games.

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